Social Media Management

Have you set-up your social media yet? Are you connected to the right social media? How are you communicating with your audience through social media?

Some people consider social media to be a passing marketing phase and therefore not a profitable investment. This isn’t true.

By using the right social media in the right geographical areas you can:

  • raise your profile
  • increase brand recognition
  • develop brand loyalty
  • find out what your customers think. People turn to social media to pass on their points of view good and bad
  • access new, recent and old customers
  • develop a higher lead-to-close rate as the number of followers increase
  • reduce the cost of promotional marketing
  • increase inbound traffic to your website
  • build better SEO rankings

It’s important to remember that the same social media is not used everywhere in the world. For example, Twitter and Facebook are not available in China but Sina Weibo (equivalent to twitter) and Renren (equivalent to facebook) is;

At SM:V we can set-up your social media, develop your following and keep communicating with your customers, markets and employees.