Product Launches

Are you launching a new product? How, when and where will you launch your product? Is it a new or existing product?

Products can be launched in “any” space, but to get it right you need to be in the right space. Knowing where, how and when to launch a product is key to its success and your success.

How do you want to launch it? Will it be in stealth mode or did you want to make a big impression? Did you want to you Marcomms to create interest or generate leads?  What are the products value propositions? Are you sure your target markets will understand your product? Where will you launch it? Will it be at an event or a private viewing? Which geographical region?

How big is the product? How functional should it be at the launch? Have you got all your documentation in place before you launch? Is there a process for communicating information about the product internally? Who needs the information?

These are just some of the questions SM:V helps you to answer and deliver on.