• PowerPhotonic Ltd. was formed in 2004 to commercialize the technology from fundamental research undertaken at the Institute of Photonics and Quantum Sciences at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh.  With operations in the United Kingdom, North America and South East Asia, they are well positioned to support companies across the globe.
  • Suppliers have traditionally used lithography, micro-grinding and micro-molding to manufacture a wide range of laser micro-optics products.  However, there are intrinsic limitations with these techniques.  Time to first prototypes is lengthy; new designs are expensive to set up; and there are limitations in the range of surface forms and levels of surface roughness that can be achieved.  The PowerPhotonic laser micro-machining technology overcomes these issues.
  • These benefits are leveraged in their custom design and manufacturing service and the LightForge™ rapid fabrication service.


  • Marcomms support for events, including public relations and advertising campaigns
  • Design and production of new promotional materials
  • Social media set-up and management
  • SEO support


SM:V works with our existing resource to deliver marketing support as and when we need. We would strongly recommend SM:V and will continue to use them going forward.”

Julian Hayes, Sales and Marketing Director