Forth Dimension Displays

  • Forth Dimension Displays: A world leader in designing and manufacturing high–resolution Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal on Silicon (FLCoS) devices used as Microdisplays and Spatial Light Modulators for premium near-to-eye imagers for military, medical and virtual reality applications, as well as for structured light projection.
  • Since January 2011 Forth Dimension Displays was purchased by Kopin Corporation, a US publicly listed corporation specialsing in microdisplays.


  • Marcomms support for international events, including public relations and advertising campaigns
  • Development of a new website
  • Design and production of new promotional materials


“SM:V stepped in to successfully provide ForthDD with the support we needed when we needed it. SM:V’s ability to effectively grasp our market offering and provide us with the tools we needed was exemplary .“

Greg Truman, CEO