Optoscribe Demonstrates its Transceiver Photonic Platform Solution for Optical Transceivers

14th September 2017 – Optoscribe Limited will be showcasing its unique Transceiver Photonic Platform configurator at ECOC 2017 Conference in Gothenburg, Sweden from 18 – 21 September 2017.

Optosrcibe invites you to visit Booth 124 at ECOC where you can configure your own virtual passive fiber coupling interface using the company’s OptoFigurator™. Platform components available include:

• Single mode waveguides
• Multimode waveguides
• Mirrors for 90-degree light turn
• V grooves for accurate passive fiber alignment
• Fiducial markers for accurate and precise alignment to the fiber and transceiver platform

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Optoscribe announces £1.2m investment

25th April 2016, Scotland – Scottish based company Optoscribe is pleased to announce it has received £1.2 million in investment.

The fundraising was led by Archangels, who provided £825,000 of funding, supported by Par Equity, the Edinburgh venture capital fund, with £325,000 of investment, and Scottish Investment Bank (SIB) who invested £50,000.

Optoscribe was founded in 2010 as a spin out business from Heriot-Watt University, and has developed unique 3D photonic components for use inside communications systems in the datacoms, telecoms and mobile phone markets. The technology enables Optoscribe to produce high performance products that connect optical fibres with arrays of emitters or receivers where space is limited and high bandwidth connectivity is essential. Learn more>>>

Powerphotonic uses Laser Polishing to Provide Ultra-Efficient Collimating and Beam Shaping Optics

5th April 2016, Scotland – World leader in precision laser micro-optics showcases laser polishing benefits LaP2016 conference at ILTT

PowerPhotonic today announces that it is presenting a paper on direct-write laser fabrication of collimation and beam shaping optics at the forthcoming LaP2016 conference on laser polishing, at Fraunhofer ILT Aachen, Germany on 26th and 27th April 2016.

Roy McBride, MD of PowerPhotonic said, “we have spent many years developing our laser machining and polishing process to create optics that are ideal for today’s high power laser systems.  Our high efficiency optics bring unparalleled benefits where power efficiency is at a premium, particularly in high power defence and scientific laser applications or high power industrial materials processing such as cutting and welding.” Learn More >>>

Slow Axis Collimator Lens

Forth Dimension Displays sponsors the joint conference of the British & German Liquid Crystal Societies

11th March 2016, Scotland– Forth Dimension Displays is pleased to be sponsoring the joint  conference of the British & German Liquid Crystal Societies (BLCS2016).

Due to be held between 21-23 March, 2016 at the John McIntyre Conference Centre, University of Edinburgh, the conference brings together leading experts in Liquid Crystal. Learn More >>>

British Liquid Crystal Society DFKG

Forth Dimension Displays receives ISO14001 environmental certification

4th March 2016, Scotland – Forth Dimension Displays (ForthDD) is pleased to announce it has received the ISO14001 environmental certification.ISO 14001 2015 Certificate Issued 15 February 2016

This certification by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) recognises the company’s commitment to safely and carefully manage the impact of its business on the environment. Learn More >>>

PowerPhotonic Announces New Beam Shaper Optics for Single Mode Lasers

20th January 2016, Scotland – Powerphotonic, experts in the field of high precision micro-optics, is pleased to announce that it will be presenting two papers at Photonics West 2016, San Francisco.

The first paper explores the use of field mapping beam shapers for use with single mode lasers.  Powerphotonic has devised a unique patent pending design approach to create a near diffraction limited shaped spot for single mode lasers using high efficiency refractive free form optics.  This solution enables speckle free beam-shaping of a Gaussian laser beam by remapping the input beam to create the desired output. Learn More>>>

Optoscribe launches ultra-low crosstalk Multicore Fiber Fanout

27th October 2015, Scotland – Scottish based company Optoscribe is pleased announce the addition of an ultra-low crosstalk option to its 3D Optofan series of multicore fiber fanouts.

By carefully controlling the 3D waveguide layout inside the component, stray light is minimised resulting in a reduced crosstalk within the fanout of <-75 dB. The product was developed as part of the EC-Funded INSPACE project that focuses on the development of complete spatial-spectral flexible optical networking solutions.

Designed to revolutionise optical telecommunications, the 3D Optofan series enables the transmission of high data rates over short and long haul distances. Connecting to Singlemode and Multicore Fibers has never been simpler. Learn More>>>